A Positive Approach

Theraflex takes spinal mobilisation to an entirely new level, allowing a degree of improvement that would not be possible with the human hand, but still allows the therapist to retain the feel and control of purely manual therapies.

A positive approach to self-help is vital

There is an abundance of research, supporting the importance of a positive and proactive approach, for patients recovering from all types of spinal and joint problems.

This especially applies to those suffering from long-term (chronic) conditions. At its most basic level, this involves the ability to see the glass ‘half full’ rather than ‘half empty’.

Whatever treatment is implemented and almost irrespective of the condition, the attitude and compliance of patients makes a real difference to the rate of recovery and perception of pain.

You should consider the following:

Working with the practitioner who is trying to help you. Gaining an understanding of the problem and the treatment plan as well as listening to and sticking to the advice given. 
However, if your symptoms increase or you are unhappy with your progress do not be afraid to discuss these issues.

Pacing your activity at a level which keeps you active, but not so much that you aggravate symptoms or so little that you ‘stiffen up’. Being sedentary for too long encourages a lack of general body conditioning and a reduction in fitness which can take a long time to recover.

If medication is needed, using it as instructed by your medical practitioner. Too many of us use medication when it hurts and not when it doesn’t. Many anti-inflammatory drugs, painkillers and muscle relaxants work best when they are taken consistently over a period of time. They may take a while for the maximum effect to be achieved.

Maintaining a normal pattern of life as far as possible. Keep at work if possible, even if this means reduced hours or workload. If you are off work, try and get up, wash and dress in a regular routine and keep gentle activity going even if this is only pottering about or walking.

Above all, trying to remain mentally positive. Focus on the things you can do rather than those you can’t. Always look forward to things you can add to your day without exacerbating your symptoms.

Much of the above may seem like simple common sense and obvious but it is surprisingly easy to slip into a negative attitude when dealing with long-term pain.

What our Clients Say…

"Very simple and non invasive treatment and haven’t had a twinge since!"

– Alice S (Age 27)

"I have been to Osteopaths and Chiropractors since the age of 19"

“I have been to Osteopaths and Chiropractors since the age of 19 with very little success. If only I had come across Nic then it would have been a different story.

Flexibility and straightness are key to my job, Decorating and Sports Dressage.

He has improved both of these more than I ever thought possible.”

– Cheryl G (Age 47)

"Pain removed after 3 visits."

“I am a 39 year old male that is on his feet all day at work, and had resigned myself to the fact that my back had clearly had its day and I was in for pain and discomfort for the rest of my life! How wrong I was.

I visited Nic 3 times, he treated me, taught me how to look after my back and how it works, it’s the best thing I have done in ages! Since seeing Nic I have not had any pain or discomfort and I actually feel 10 years younger…Read More

John H (age 39)

"At 36 my Doctor told me there was nothing more the NHS could do"

“At 36 my Doctor told me there was nothing more the NHS could do for my mobility issues and that I would just have to manage as best I could with Pain killers. I had suffered a Herniated Disc in my lower Back some six months before and had received various NHS treatments, none of which had worked. Nic at the Back Clinic gave me my life back, after only a few sessions, I could walk, bend and show dogs again, something I had been told by various people wouldn’t be possible in the future. I was actually pain free again for the first time in a year and I could do all that I wished with my life. Without Nic’s expert treatment my life would be a fraction of what it is today. Thanks for fixing me once again.”

John H (age 39)

"Finally I have found something that works!"

“Finally I have found something that works! After suffering with chronic acute exasperated back pain since I was 16, nerve damage and having two major trauma’s to my back I was in complete despair. I found myself on a large dosage of pain medications, anti inflammatory and muscle relaxers. I had lost my job and spent 4 months in bed unable to move. My massage therapist recommended to me the Back Clinic. so I thought why not give it a try. After just one session I was totally stunned at the results I not only felt but could see with my back and my posture. I can still remember to this day my utter amazement when I walked for the first time after my back had been gently manipulated. This is a miracle and I still say that today. The pain has gone, I can move more freely and I can be active again…Read More

Belinda F (age 46)

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