Back Pain Testimonials

I have been to Osteopaths and Chiropractors since the age of 19

I have been to Osteopaths and Chiropractors since the age of 19 with very little success. If only I had come across Nic then it would have been a different story.

Flexibility and straightness are key to my job, Decorating and Sports Dressage.

He has improved both of these more than I ever thought possible.

Thank you Nic. Cheryl G (age 47)

Pain removed after 3 visits.

I am a 39 year old male that is on his feet all day at work, and had resigned myself to the fact that my back had clearly had its day and I was in for pain and discomfort for the rest of my life! How wrong I was.

I visited Nic 3 times, he treated me, taught me how to look after my back and how it works, it’s the best thing I have done in ages! Since seeing Nic I have not had any pain or discomfort and I actually feel 10 years younger.

I would throughly recommend Nic to anyone that has any sort of back pain as I’m sure he would be able to help them

John H (age 39) John H (age 39)

I have been having serious trouble with my back/neck/shoulders all of my adult life

I have been having serious trouble with my back/neck/shoulders all of my adult life (I’m 43), in fact I can remember going to see an Osteopath friend of my mother’s on a number of occasions as a child for problems with my neck. I was raised in an environment wher the focus for any kind of ailment was very much upon alternative treatments and my mother socialised in circles with many different practitioners. Therefore, over the years I have had treatments from many Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Cranio-Sacral Therapists, Acupuncturists and even Rolfing. Many of the practitioners I saw are highly acclaimed. Regardless of any treatments I had, my back was always really painful and very unstable.

I moved to Suffolk 8 years ago from London. And as usual I found my back in crisis and was in agony. Quite a few people recommended Nic, but never having had anything offer me any tangible relief AND never having heard of Osteomyology before – “What is this?” I thought. Honestly I was dubious, but as my back got worse and I was in more and more pain, which was quite debilitating: I made an appointment.

I can honestly put my hand on my heart and say that in the 8 years I have lived locally, Nic has kept my back stable and pain free. He has gone out of his way to help and provided me with genuine and rapid relief. If I ever have to move away from Suffolk I would travel back to see him without a second thought, as he has managed what no one else was ever capable of, and that was despite my tense scepticism and the agedness of my injuries. Stazi S (age 43)

At 36 my Doctor told me there was nothing more the NHS could do

At 36 my Doctor told me there was nothing more the NHS could do for my mobility issues and that I would just have to manage as best I could with Pain killers. I had suffered a Herniated Disc in my lower Back some six months before and had received various NHS treatments, none of which had worked. Nic at the Back Clinic gave me my life back, after only a few sessions, I could walk, bend and show dogs again, something I had been told by various people wouldn’t be possible in the future. I was actually pain free again for the first time in a year and I could do all that I wished with my life. Without Nic’s expert treatment my life would be a fraction of what it is today.

Thanks for fixing me once again. Philippa G (age 37)

Finally I have found something that works!

Finally I have found something that works! After suffering with chronic acute exasperated back pain since I was 16, nerve damage and having two major trauma’s to my back I was in complete despair. I found myself on a large dosage of pain medications, anti inflammatory and muscle relaxers. I had lost my job and spent 4 months in bed unable to move. My massage therapist recommended to me the Back Clinic. so I thought why not give it a try. After just one session I was totally stunned at the results I not only felt but could see with my back and my posture. I can still remember to this day my utter amazement when I walked for the first time after my back had been gently manipulated. This is a miracle and I still say that today. The pain has gone, I can move more freely and I can be active again. No more medications instead I am living a full and happy pain free lifestyle. I highly recommend you give this treatment a try, it not only relieved me of my symptoms but cured the underlying problem. In fact I took my Mother to this clinic also and she too is experiencing relief. so what have you got to loose except your pain ! Belinda F (age 46)

I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone

One day last year whilst at work, one of my clients noticed I was really struggling with back pain and enthusiastically recommended Nic Aldous. She told me that he was an Osteomyologist, he would deal with the muscles as well as the bones and sort my back out quickly. Her zealous recommendation left me quite hopeful and I called the number, making an appointment for the following week.

I was made to feel completely at ease throughout the consultation. Nic was very down to earth and friendly. The consultation room itself was warm, welcoming and had a relaxed feel about it. After relaying my medical history and description of my current back issues Nic examined my back. He then explained in great detail the structure of our backs, why my back was causing me so much pain, how the bones and muscles work together and reassured me that with just two or three treatments I should receive great relieve from my pain and discomfort.

He was right and I am very grateful to my client for recommending him to me. I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone I see with back issues – most recently a lady I saw struggling in front of me in the queue at my local Co-op!” Sarah C – Kesgrave

I felt I had grown a couple of inches

I am a 24 year old female Soldier and currently deployed in Afghanistan. Due to my work responsibilities I have to carry a lot of weight on my back, as you can imagine this causes a lot of stress to it. After visiting Nic in Eye I felt I had grown a couple of inches and the relief i felt afterwards was amazing. Highly recommended to anyone with back problems. Thank you. Holly A

Nic really got me straightened out – literally!!

Nic really got me straightened out – literally!! After years of struggling with a lop sided posture with one hip visibly higher than the other and regular bouts of low back pain, four visits to Nic had me standing straight and tall and my back has given me no further problems. I will definitely be attending Nic’s back pain clinic for check up sessions to keep me pain free from now on. Lesley V

Makes you feel a lot better, QUICKLY

Friendly, and he makes you feel a lot better, QUICKLY, Well worth a visit I am going to start going just for a check up, like he said to me, which is most important your back or your teeth ,,,well you get your teeth checked !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Billy E

Just disappeared after only three treatments

The treatment and information that I received from Nic Aldous at the Back Care Clinic really helped me! The constant pain in a small area of my lower back that I had endured for the last three years, just disappeared after only three treatments. Rosemary L

Terrible pain with my back for years

After being in terrible pain with my back for years, I was told about Nic and his BackCare Clinic in Eye Suffolk. Meeting Nic was a total pleasure as he totally understands what his patients are going through and has so much time and advice to give. After spending huge amounts over the years on other treatments I found it hard to believe that after only a few visits to Nic my back pain was easing and now almost all the time has gone. Thank you Nic for all your kindness and for the treatment you gave me which has made such an incredible difference to my life. I will continue to recommend you to others who are suffering. Andy H

Anyone with a back problem

Anyone with a back problem, Nic Aldous knows how to sort it out and make you feel ten times better. I have known Nic for many years and he has been able to create improvements, when others have given up. Highly recommended. Dan Neuteboom

I was immobilized by Sciatica

I was immobilized by Sciatica about 9 years ago when I was recommended this amazing back guy called Nic Aldous. He straightened me out over the course of a few sessions and provided me with a much-needed education on how to take care of my back for a pain-free future. In my opinion, this is what makes Nic better than the rest… Simon P

The treatments that I received have really helped

I have suffered with severe back, neck and shoulder pain for many years and have had all of the usual physio, manipulation, ultra sound & acupuncture etc etc. After moving to Suffolk last August I decided to pay a visit to the Back Pain Clinic in Eye. The treatments that I received have really helped to reduce the pain quite significantly. The staff are very helpful and once they are happy that your treatments have helped/worked they do not pressure you into keep booking more appointments which is not what I have experienced in the past. I would strongly recommend that you give them a try. Keith M

I no longer think of myself as having a ‘bad back’

I have had ‘back problems’ since about 1998 and had lots of treatment for regular flare ups of pain and discomfort. Since starting to see Nic in 2007 I no longer think of myself as having a ‘bad back’. My posture is better, I walk taller and rarely, if ever, have episodes even of discomfort. I see Nic 3 monthly for routine checks which keep me on course. I highly recommend him! Lorna P

Nic’s revolutionary method of treatment

I have suffered with lower back pain for too many years to remember ! Nic’s revolutionary method of treatment , supported by the straightforward exercises he has taught me , has helped reduce the pain I have been suffering from and kept me on the move ! I am extremely pleased with the result of Nic’s treatment and continue to have regular checkups . Guy W

Three sessions of this revolutionary treatment saw me pain free and mobile for the first time in years

Over the last 10 years I have received treatment for neck, shoulder and lower back pain problems. I have historically tried several different types of treatment including osteopathy and physiotherapy but none have been as successful as the treatment I have received from Ostemyologist Nic Aldous at the Complementary Medicine Centre in Eye.

Three sessions of this revolutionary treatment saw me pain free and mobile for the first time in years. Now I have a regular back maintenance treatment which keeps me pain free.

I have nothing but praise for Nic Aldous who is in my view an exceptional practitioner. Andrea E – Diss,Norfolk

It made a big difference and now I’m not in pain

“At first I was getting pains in my lower back but when I came (to Nic) it made a big difference and now I’m not in pain. I liked Nic teaching me how to stand up straight and when he did the cranial work on me.” Noel aged 10

After only two sessions I felt so much better

Before I went to see Nic Aldous at the BackCare Clinic I had continual pain in my back. In the early 1990’s I had a perforated disc and nothing the doctors or physiotherapist at the hospital did seemed to help.

I took up Tai Chi to help my posture and found when the pain was really bad, if I bent over slowly and touched my toes or hung from the top of a door, the pain eased. Other than that I had to live with the pain.

Nic changed that. It was my good fortune that a friend, being instructed by Nic, asked me I would allow them to work on my back. Nic would start by using Power Assisted Micro-manipulation up and down spine and then finish each session by ‘manipulating’ my back in a very gentle way.

After only two sessions I felt so much better. I went home and asked my partner Graham to measure my height because I felt so much taller. I did this after the next two sessions and found that I had increased in height by an inch and a half. I was also free of pain.

I now go to Nic 3 or 4 times a year and would recommend anybody who has a back problem to go and see him. Gloria B, Geldeston Beccles

I am free of pain and standing much more upright

Having had periods of lower back pain for several years, I found that my GP was able to do nothing other than give me pain killers.

The pain grew more constant and, instead of sitting in an armchair, I often found most relief by lying on the floor with my feet up on the settee.

This situation was made worse when I fell downstairs, causing a crush fracture to a lower vertebra. I was also diagnosed with scoliosis and the beginnings of osteoporosis.

Having heard of the BackCare Clinic I finally decided to give it a try although the thought of someone I didn’t know doing something unknown to a very painful back was somewhat alarming.

However, I went ahead and now, 4 years later, thanks to Nic Aldous, I am free of pain and standing much more upright.

Had I not gone to Nic I am quite sure that by now I would have been very bowed over and with a very stiff inflexible spine. Marjorie H, Bedingfield, Eye

Back to the Future

To some, back pain is a subject to make fun of – in the same way as, say, having “the runs” is. It’s a dead cert, however, that no-one who has been stricken by the crippling, demoralising and just plain agonising rigours of sciatica will ever make a joke of it. It dominates your life. When the attack is in full swing you can’t even think of much else, let alone do anything. And as for actually enjoying life, well you can forget all about that. And when the attack subsides the relief is tempered by the dread of a return visit from the “Back Stabber” – that damned gremlin who tweaks that sciatic nerve with such vicious intent and devastating results.

Previous treatments took a “softly, softly” approach – gentle massages carried out by caring, well-intentioned people whom I simply could not criticise. However, although it was all very pleasant, the gremlin was never banished for any length of time. Along comes Nic Aldous. Hardly the “softly, softly” approach, just a straight-talking, business-like assessment and three treatments that were, in all honesty, quite a pummelling.

The technicalities of the power-assisted micro-manipulation machine Nic used were beyond me. I didn’t really care how it worked anyway – I just wanted it to work, full stop. I was aware of pistons clanking and fairly intense pressure up and down my spine giving a curious sensation that hovered mysteriously between pain and pleasure. A few manipulations administered by Nic himself, after that little lot, seemed like a breeze.

Now I have to say I was not and am not expecting a miracle cure. I am fully expecting the sciatica to return at some stage – that seems to be the nature of the beast. What I am hoping for is longer trouble-free spells and, when the dreaded agony returns, I want – no, make that, for the sake of my sanity, need – it to be for shorter periods. That being said, the results of Nic’s treatment, which was stepped up in intensity over my three visits, were instant.

After the first session I confess to a little soreness where the machine had tracked up and down my back, but I felt much taller, with my spine feeling as though it had been lengthened. Still a little stiff, yes, but the pain subsided to manageable levels over the next few days. After the second visit the pain had virtually vanished and, although my back still felt stiff, I strongly suspected that progress was certainly being made.

After the third visit, well life returned to normal. Something we all tend to take for granted. Just feeling normal. I’m not saying I am totally cured. I’m not going to resume the marathon running I so enjoyed in my athletic prime. But the beast is at bay. I might go out for a brisk walk or even a little jog. A few weeks ago such exertions were nowhere near the agenda. Now they are a reality. So it’s back to the future, if you’ll pardon the pun – and the future looks far better now. John Grant

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