Cara Greenley nee Hughes

When my mum mentioned going to see someone about my back, I thought there wasn’t really any need. My back felt fine and as far as I was concerned I had good posture…. however I thought I would still go as it was a couple of months before the wedding and I thought “well anything to make me feel and look better on the day”. Still I wasn’t overly keen on the idea as my opinion was if its not broke then why try and fix it. Anyway we both went along and from a glance Nic told me “yes your back looks fine as well as your posture, however I will have further looks into this and just see if we can make your posture better for the big day!”

So as I laid on the bed and was checked all over my back it appeared that there was 2 main and rather big knots in my back, one right at the top of my back around my neck and then right in the middle of my back. As I stood side ways in the mirror you could actually see them especially the one at the top of my neck…. I then had some treatment. At first it was uncomfortable and a little strange as a pressure device (Theraflex) was used and moved from one end of my back to the other…. after the was done I was told that my neck muscles were very tense, I always knew I had a tendency to have this but I didn’t realise how bad this was until I had further treatment. The treatment on my neck was the most relaxing thing I have ever had done (Craniosacral), it beats any massage I have ever had and you cant feel a thing!

Nic very slowly moved his hands around my neck around, his fingers did touch my face but this was bearable and it just feels like pressure on your face however this does send you to sleep. Whatever he does or doesn’t do it truly worked and I went home that night feeling extremely relaxed and had a great night sleep. I had no pain than next day although Nic told me I might experience a little in my back just due to the (Theraflex) treatment, I woke fine and was felling great!

So I got booked in for the following week…. same treatment again. There was no real noticeable change in the knots in my back but it did feel better, I had been practicing the exercises Nic had given me to do to loosen up my neck mussels and also to help correct the way I stood (all practice for the big day!)… So Nic performed the treatment on my back again except this time a little harder – breath taking but still bearable and this continued for around 3 weeks….. by the end of this the knots in my back had become considerably smaller, my posture really had changed and my neck felt new again.

The last treatment I had was the week before the wedding….. I was quite nervous about the day as at this point all the fun had begun with getting last and final bits sorted, to be honest I though I really could do without this but I knew that it would help me keep calm and also benefit me. So I went for the last appointment, did the normal, lay on the bed, relaxed and let Nic do his normal procedure.

On the BIG Day!

Well the day was a huge success and I had no reason to worry at all……

Throughout our photos the photographer commented on how fantastic my posture was and how my shoulder line was perfect for the shots he was taking as some of them were side shots.

After the day had finished my mum come up to me and said do you know what? She said she had a handful of close family and friends approach her and say how upright, confident and what a fantastic posture I had walking around on the day. They couldn’t believe how it made me look and how I shone through it all.

So I truly do recommend having this done before your wedding, I was so relaxed after seeing Nic, the photos look brilliant and I believe that without the extra help of having treatment on my back and neck I wouldn’t have looked half as confident.

I felt great!

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