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I suffered for some time

I suffered for some time with neck and back pain which was causing me constant headaches, I now go for treatment when I feel it is needed to keep pain free.

Emma R

Headache free after 40 years

My name is Brenda and I have suffered from headaches since I was a child. I had at least one headache a week. I would always wake in the early hours of the morning with these headaches, and they would last up to six days. Twice I had fainted with these attacks and no medication I have been prescribed by my GP or the hospital has helped me.

Nic Aldous has treated my husband for several years with back problems. A couple of treatments and he is fine. On a recent visit with my husband Nic said he thought he could help me and so I booked my first treatment.

On the day of my treatment I had a headache. Nic asked me lots of questions before he started the treatment. Firstly, he used his Power Assisted Micro-manipulator on my back followed by gentle movements (Cranial Osteomyology) to my head, neck and arms. After the treatment I felt very relaxed. The following day I was a little stiff in the neck and shoulder areas but no headache. One week later, I had the second treatment, not having had any further headaches.

After the second treatment I experienced a slight headache the following morning, but after taking my usual headache tablet I felt much better. My third treatment was a week later, and no further headaches. Two weeks have passed, I awoke at 1.45 with a headache, I had a glass of water and a tablet. On waking later, I felt fine. These headaches would not normally react to medication this quickly. I really am grateful to Nic.

Friends and family used to tell me I could not cope with stress and that is what caused my headaches. Since my treatments with Nic, my mother has been very unwell and been in hospital and even had a heart procedure at Papworth Hospital, still no headaches.

Today is the 30th March 2009, I am going to see Nic for what will be my last treatment for possibly three months. I cannot believe how much better I am feeling. I wake up in the morning and no headache! If only I had known Nic could help with headaches years ago!

I am in my sixties – imagine having headaches so often for over forty years!

Brenda B, Ipswich

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