Neck and Shoulder Pain Testimonials

As the result of a road accident

I was fortunate enough to find Nic Aldous when I moved to Suffolk. Having suffered acute neck and back pain as a result of a road accident I was desperate to find treatment to make my life bearable. How lucky was I! After only 4 sessions my movement was so much better and my pain reduced by 80%. Nic behaves in a completely professional manner and made me feel comfortable and relaxed which is so important to me as a woman. Jackie Mason

I genuinely felt such a great sense of releif

In December 2005 I was involved in a serious car accident, resulting in me having very bad whiplash and nerve damage in my right shoulder, and running down my right arm. I was in a serious amount of pain so much so that I struggled with seamlessly easy daily tasks as well as interrupted sleep.

After initial hospital treatment I proceeded under medical advice on a three year, weekly course of Physiotherapy. Although the Physiotherapy helped ease the pain for short periods of time, I didn’t feel as though it was improving my situation.

It was at this point that I sort a different course of treatment by way of Nic Aldous. He initiated a different kind of treatment, resulting in me feeling a new sense of relief in my shoulder. After only a few visits I genuinely felt such a great sense of relief that I didn’t need to receive treatment on as much of a regular basis. Eventually resulting in me almost getting back to my original pre-accident ability.

I have since recommended Nic to family and friends that have also found him to be a big help in aiding their ailments. Alicia, S – Ipswich

Three sessions of this revolutionary treatment saw me pain free for the first time in years

Over the last 10 years I have received treatment for neck, shoulder and lower back pain problems. I have historically tried several different types of treatment including osteopathy and physiotherapy but none have been as successful as the treatment I have received from Ostemyologist Nic Aldous at the Complementary Medicine Centre in Eye.

Three sessions of this revolutionary treatment saw me pain free and mobile for the first time in years. Now I have a regular back maintenance treatment which keeps me pain free.

I have nothing but praise for Nic Aldous who is in my view an exceptional practitioner. Andrea E – Diss,Norfolk

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