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I have been to Osteopaths and Chiropractors since the age of 19

I have been to Osteopaths and Chiropractors since the age of 19 with very little success. If only I had come across Nic then it would have been a different story.

Flexibility and straightness are key to my job, Decorating and Sports Dressage.

He has improved both of these more than I ever thought possible.

Thank you Nic. Cheryl G (age 47)

Running Legs

From an early age I trained as a ballet dancer and have always kept myself fit and relatively free of any injury.

I took up running in 2005 and this year (2009) in my 52nd year I am running for charity in the Flora London Marathon; although not a fast runner I hope to cross the finish line between 4 1/2 and 5 hrs after I start.

I started marathon training in January and have suffered with very tight calf & thigh muscles and a groin strain, along with other niggles that I have never experienced before. Towards the end of February I was really beginning to think that I was not going to get through the training and started to feel that my legs were no longer my own, making running a real chore.

My brother introduced me to Nic Aldous. I had never heard of the treatment he offered (Cranial Osteomyology) and didn’t know what it would entail. I expected some form of intensive massage or bone crunching leaving the session with more discomfort than I was feeling to begin with, however, I remained open-minded as I walked into his room.

After completion of the inevitable form and a few pertinent questions, Nic asked me to take off my shoes and briefly showed me that my posture was incorrect and my pelvis was twisted, causing my right leg to shorten. He felt that as I was so close to the Marathon he would work on re-aligning my pelvis to improve my running gait and leave working on my stiff spine and poor posture until after the marathon.

I lay down, fully clothed, on the special couch and after about 30 minutes of Nic giving remarkably gentle treatment to my legs and around my pelvis my legs felt light and upon standing they felt the same length.

Around 24 hrs later I was out running again with my legs feeling light and supple and no aches or pains. On the Sunday, just 6 days later, I completed a 19 mile run, with only a slight tightness in the groin.

The next session Nic worked again on my pelvis, suspecting that much of the tenderness in the groin is to do with my posture and the stiffness in my spine. Again my legs felt great after the 30 minute session. Janet D, Capel St Mary Ipswich

The rest is history

I’ve been seeing Nic almost since he began having been almost written off as a runner after back surgery. The rest is history – after 16 years I am still running and winning prizes. To be able to walk properly and sit for more than 10minutes again would have been enough but to be given the confidence to run to a higher level than ever before has been my breath of life. He understands, he heals, he inspires. Gail P

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